How to keep your doodle’s ears clean


We went to Pet Smart & I bought ear cleaner, drying powder & a pair of hemostats in case I felt plucking was necessary. Cleaning his ears was really easy & he seemed to like it. It must have felt good. One ear had very little wax but the other had a ton. Today there is no stinkiness. I’m going to check them again tonight & start using the drying powder.

*Plucking is necessary, 5 or 10 min every two weeks helps avoid ear infections, and saves money. Youtube has many how to videos on how to pull the hair out of ears. NEVER put scissors in the ears, you will create a plug that is very hard to get out.

Important Note: Some breeds do suffer from ear infections therefore if your dog seems to be suffering from extremely smelling ears, ear scratching is painful, has a large amount of discharge from the ear or has any swelling in the ear, then it is recommend to consult your vet as this could indicate an infection.

  • Hold or lay your dog over on their side, make sure your dog feels calm, safe and secure in this position. Always reassure your dog especially if this is their first ear cleaning experience. You can clean one ear one day and do the other the ear the next day if you feel happier with this, it really is all about what works for you and your dog. Keep it a relaxed experience and take your time. You want your dog to trust you when you are touching, handling and checking him/her, as any contact with your dog is all part of the bond between you both.cleaner
  • Lift back the ear so you can see inside and always make sure there is nothing blocking the ear canal, also look for swelling or excessive discharge in the ear. If in any doubt about the condition of your dog’s ear please refer your dog to your vet as soon as possible.
  • If you are happy to go ahead please apply the ear cleaning solution as directed on the bottle. I use CleanAural Dog Ear Cleaner which costs approximately £10.00 for a 100ml bottle. You simply squeeze the bottle to apply the ear cleaning solution liberally into the ear canal, then you massage the outside the ear canal.
  • Use cotton wool to soak up any excess solution and leave the ear as dry as possible after cleaning.
  • After cleaning or even the next day it is a good idea to check the ear for long hairs which are growing inside the ear, these hairs can attract ear mites and a build up of wax, so therefore they need to be removed. I have always removed these hairs from my dogs ears using my fingernails as I can feel the hairs and feel quite happy doing it this way, however some prefer to use a wide tweezers so it may be a good idea to have some ready just in case you don’t feel comfortable using your fingernails.

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