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Dematting and brushing your Doodle!

Want to learn how to brush and demat your Doodle? This video has all the information you’ll need.

Think first before you get your dog…

golden doodle rochester ny

Recognize the Commitment Dog ownership is not something to be entered into lightly.  Before deciding that a certain dog is right for you, you must make an honest assessment as to whether your home is right for any dog. Evaluate Your Lifestyle If you get a dog, he (or she) will become a part of […]

How to keep your doodle’s ears clean

We went to Pet Smart & I bought ear cleaner, drying powder & a pair of hemostats in case I felt plucking was necessary. Cleaning his ears was really easy & he seemed to like it. It must have felt good. One ear had very little wax but the other had a ton. Today there […]

Before, After, Now

I always love updates from my puppy families. This family lost a pup they had reserved from another breeder. They found me from a friend that has one of my pups. Well, I guess a picture is worth 1000 words, hope you enjoy these!   FYI we have pups from the same bloodline available. Just tempting […]