About Us family and friends love to play with the pups & help with chores!

Getting a puppy from Orchard Pups cannot be completed online. The online information is provided so you can view photos and information about available puppies, and find information about Orchard Pups. The first step in getting a puppy is for you to make a reservation to come to Orchard Pups for an in-person meeting with a puppy (or puppies) you are interested in. You must contact us to make your reservation. It’s very important that you and your family meet with the puppy in person so we can match the puppy that best fits with your family and existing pets if you have any. It is not uncommon to meet with a puppy several times before making a decision. This in-person meeting with your puppy is an important step before taking ownership.

OrchardPups are breed for “Best in Home”

In Fall, 2015, we created a nursery in our home. This includes 4 play pens, OrchardPups run free in the room, on soft wood chips that are cleaned twice a day – not harsh metal, 24/7 soothing music, four huge sunny windows, new ventilation, separate heat.  We also have a new grooming station, waist high in a nice big tub, clothes washer and dryer for the nursery.  All feeding dishes and water bowls are sterilized daily in a dish washer, in the grooming station. This new set up allows for a clean fresh environment that our pups and our family truly enjoy. We also partner with two other local Breeders and place some of their pups. This allows our family of my husband, three children, (2 tweens & 1 horse riding teen) to have quality time with the puppies and start the socialization and training. The pups spend time in our living-room cuddling at night, they play on the floor with the children and our family dogs. Our new program includes methods from The Monks of New Skete. Divine Canine.  We strive to have every member of our family use to exude calm and assertive energy with the pups. This summer a new outside family park for meet and greet is being added, with views of the orchards. You are welcome to visit anytime, play with the puppies, see out new nursery & pick an apple (if in season). Please call me to schedule an appointment at 315-576-1245. Thank you! Kim

Orchard Pups:  Available Family Pets – New York State license  #871 We raise the most adorable little Pups that you will ever see. They are all sweet, loving and very alert. Our puppies are raised in a warm family environment, they are played with and handled everyday by children and adults.

Our pups have been used as therapy dogs for both children and elders. They love to be near you and are very smart!

Pups are ALL vet checked, dewormed and 1st set of shots and groomed. Please make a vet apt for your puppy within the first week. Ask your vet about fees, your vet will check ears, mouth, heart, joints and yes poo. Puppies do have puppy issues, stress, environment , different food, or just being with other pups can bring on worms, looses stools and such. It’s up to you to make sure your puppy eats, drinks and is rested, not passed around or brought into dog parks or change food.

Owning a puppy is a very big decision, you must be prepared.


The first year is normally the most expensive.

  • Supplies
  • Vet bills
  • Training
  • Spay / Neuter
  • Grooming
  • Gates
  • Bedding
  • Dishes
  • Outfits

We wish that our babies go to good homes that will provide the love and care they require. If we feel this fit is not right we would rather not make a placement.

Great consideration will be made when placing a new puppy with a home that has an existing pup. We have the option to request you return the puppy if issues arise that prove you can not provide or afford proper care. Our puppies are family priced, but not free.  We provide the proper grooming, sanitation, vet care, immunization, worming, vet appointments which all make for a real nice puppy.

We offer delivery to your home by private car, your puppy will be held and given proper breaks and care until it arrives at Your home. All arrangements are pay after you meet the puppy . * If you wish NOT to accept pup , that’s fine- however you still pay for driver services. Rates are very fair.  If you reserve a new born and the puppy becomes ill/death before placement, you will be offered a new puppy or a full refund. If you have any problems after placement please call. We are very fair and try hard to make necessary adjustments when needed.

About Our Puppies

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Beautiful puppies that are ready to be reserved. 50% down – balance due when you pick up puppy age 8 weeks or older.

Contact Orchard Pups 315-576-1245 Available unique colors, sizes, Standards, minis and Toys – f1, f2, f1b2. .

Puppy grooming is included, fluffy face or trimmed face. Located near Rochester NY in the heart of Apple Country. New York State license #871

Your puppy will be social, happy, vet check up, shots and worming.

A Note From Kim Ortiz

It’s very important to me that you bring home a hearty, healthy puppy. No puppy will ever be rushed out the door.  I am here to ensure your family is matched with the proper puppy based on your life style and age of children.  Come and visit to find your new best friend!

Orchard Pups is practicing social during this pandemic! We will provide as much digital contact as possible.
Only 8 weeks old pups are allowed to leave with new family, with zero contact with humans or other animals.

The safety of everyone is our top priority! 
We have a wonderful process that eliminates contact. This is a pickup from my driveway.

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