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🌞🌟All Reserved from waiting list -Mid Summers night dream – F1B Standard Goldendoodle


Mid Summers night dream – F1B. Standard Goldendoodle Born 6/19/2020 Mom is Ginger 55 lbs Dad is Frosty 65 lbs Ready to go home estimate 8/18/2020 Scott Reserved Elsa Tyann Reserved Kittie Tiffany Reserved Lucy Jefferson Reserved Mags Mary Reserved Mittzie Devon Reserved Mollie Laura Reserved Starla Brittany Reserved Herman Lynn Reserved Jack John Reserved Lincoln […]

Such a talented Pup..Thank you for the awesome pictures, each one is adorable!


Such a talented lil pup with a wide range of experience! op💕 hi! Just wanted to shoot you a message to say thank you!!! We absolutely love this little dog, and he has brought so much joy to everyone he meets! We are so so incredibly thankful for our decision to purchase him from you […]

Goldendoodles make the best friends!


I wanted to share this with you! I think Brian told you that our daughter, Allie is on the Autism Spectrum, and she’s one of the reasons we 1) were looking at golden doodles 2) listened to you on choosing Freedy/ Auggie. Last night Allie had one of her “breakdowns” and Auggie went to her immediately […]

The perfect match! This video is a perfect example of matching pups according to body language


Perfect match tails wagging to music

Charlie Watson then…and now



Getting ready for puppy ~ please feel free to ask any and all questions, Kim is always willing to help


– read books on training I recommend The Monks of New Skete. Divine Canine. A must read! – have an ID tag made, even if it’s just your phone number – line up a Vet and shop prices, Vet fees are different and the cost of the appointment is just the start; tests, meds, tagging, […]