Getting ready for puppy ~ please feel free to ask any and all questions, Kim is always willing to help

– read books on training I recommend The Monks of New Skete. Divine Canine. A must read!

– have an ID tag made, even if it’s just your phone number

– line up a Vet and shop prices, Vet fees are different and the cost of the appointment is just the start; tests, meds, tagging, shots, prevention can get very costly so please understand your costs upfront before adopting a dog. Some vets offer plans and or insurance. Please make your first puppy appointment and provide me your veterinarian’s contact information.

– join Facebook groups with the topic of your type of puppy

– research local trainers that can visit your home and help you start training properly .

Pick your potty training method

– pick your dishes I suggest get 4. Metal or Ceramic. Wide bottom that won’t flip over easily

I recommend sanitizing both water bowl and food bowl everyday as one dirty foot can cause puppy to get very sick, below states slime will grow in one week and will cause a whole different set of microbial infections that are very painful for puppy and could cause death!

This is the food your pup loves!

For the last few years we have been using Royal Canin . They would supply a nice coupon and a starter bag for new families. We had nice fat pups and little food was wasted . The most recent supply arrived with a new color bag “same great food”. Well,  the main ingredient switched to a by-product (chicken liver). The pups were not eating with interest – more was spilled and thrown away . Our vet mentioned pups don’t like fat.

If your pup is doing great on the new recipe perfect, if not please consider switching slowly. This food is found at Pet Smart, Tractor Supply, Amazon, Chewy.

– research the type of grooming supplies, metal comb. Nail trimmers. Harness is better then a collar, standard leash that is non-retractable. Puppy play pen they will chew through a child’s playpen, metal crate, plastic travel crate.

– set up your puppy station. An old changing table is perfect for an up cycle! Shampoo. First aid. Cleaning supplies. Old towels. Toys for rotation use. Clippers. Blow dryer, a nice big plastic folder / to hold all pups records. A radio for when your away, pup will enjoy music.

A blanket for pup to lay on. A bed is not needed yet .

Toys! I do not suggest Raw Hide, bully sticks or  processed treats as they may plug up your pup Or get lodged in the wrong place , it is not worth the health risks – do enjoy the Kong toys and knotted rope toys. Big rubber pretzels basic sturdy easy to clean toys. – I do not suggest tennis balls, they pull the fuzz off and consume the ball, the love balls they can chase and bring back

– plan to take a long weekend or a few days off to start your routine with your new pup .

– watch you tube training videos. Grooming videos and how to take cute photos of your dog.

Treat yourself to a nice pair of walking shoes.


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