Hi, Kim!!! I saw your on the NJ/NY doodle page and I just wanted to update you with our puppy Brody that we purchased from you last June! (He’s almost a year old.. bday April 2). I saw your comment about the flea collar on the woman’s post about the possible dog seizure. I remember very vividly you telling us no flea medicine, but our veterinarian owns a very prominent Animal Hospital in PA and multiple pet urgent cares in the area, breeds labradoodles, and is my dads best friend since he was 5 years old… so we trusted his guidance and gave Brody his first flea pill (nexguard) whenever we were told to start them (maybe after his first vet visit around 9-10 weeks?) anyways, he vomited ferociously that entire night. We never gave him another flea pill again even though we were reassured it would be ok and it was prob something he ate outside. He’s been healthy and happy and flea free without meds! So grateful he recovered fine and so grateful to have that poison out of my house!! Thank you for being such a caring breeder! 🥰 here is our beautiful Brody!

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