Oscar is available The Boys are back in town ! F1 Standard Golden-doodle Brothers ~Parents are Bonnie & Chance

Born 3/15/2021 –Ready goal 5/28/2021

Mom is a Beautiful Standard Golden Retriever Bonnie , 56 lbs
Dad is a stunning Standard Poodle Black and white Chance , 50 lbs
$3000 and tax with $600 due now to reserve .
The babies should be easily 55lbs plus ! Nice sturdy lovely nature babies . The F1. First generation became very popular in the 80s. The original doodle ! Known for a great family pup with very light shedding . If shedding or allergies are a concern , this litter is not a match for you . I think the f1 has a more calmer presence. A great match for first time puppy families. A very nice companion for people that need a walking buddy or a person . I would consider these pups wonderful for therapy training . Your pup will have two shots , worming , microchipped and health Guarantee . Updates will post to the website

Max reserved for Chris


Scout Reserved for Christopher 


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