Sweet as sugar ! “All Girls” Extra small -Shichon-poo (doodle) Born 1/22/23

Mom Shichon 11 lbs
Dad mini poodle 13 lbs
$1800 with $350 due now to reserve

Shichonpoo babies just born . These will be fun to watch grow up . Imagine a bunch of teddy bears running and playing . This hybrid is great for older people that want company . They are also a sturdy pup for families with gentle kids age 8 and up . Plan a smaller adult 11/15 lbs .

The sweet Shichonpoo is a mix of three favorite breeds. It brings together the intelligent Poodle, the curious Bichon Frise and the outgoing Shih tzu for a smart, loving, loyal, fun, family dog. They are super-friendly, love to play with kids and other animals. They have a personality that loves to please and enjoys human companionship, interactive playtime and snuggling on a lap. These dogs are bright and quick to obey commands which makes them an easy dog to train.

Your sweet baby will be social , shots, worming , microchipped , health guarantee and vet exam before going home . You can plan on many sweet 

Mom Cinderella shichon
Dad. Mini poodle Butterbrickel 

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