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Taste The Rainbow Poodles
Born 8/5/2020
Ready goal 10/7/2020
Weight goal 15-17 lbs

Mini Poodles are super smart.
They’re one of the smartest dog breeds, second only to the Border Collie. Poodles learn remarkably quickly, and can learn hundreds of words in their lifetime. They learn from training, as well as by observing. Even if you’re not the best trainer, a Poodle seems to “just know” what you want them to do. The poodle can be groomed to look fancy or Flopsy like a doodle .

Poodles are the highest performing dogs in almost every dog sport, from nosework to truffle-hunting to agility. The Standard variety makes a great service dog for people with disabilities. They’re also excellent therapy or emotional support dogs, and are often win awards in Conformation Shows. They are the lowest shedding type dog you can find .

While they’re relatively active during the day, insisting on plenty of walks, physical and mental stimulation, your Poodle will love to snuggle up to you at night. Their warm, curly coat is perfect for cold winter nights – you’ll be able to get rid of your heated blanket!


  • Bini for Laura 
  • Dee-Dee for Jessica V.
  • Dogger for Jessica G.
  • Dolly for Toni
  • Fancy for Andrew
  • Kisses available 
  • Tango for Matt 




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