All reserved ☃️💨‘‘Old Jack Frost” ☃️🌬Petite Goldendoodles 💨⛄️☃️🌬


‘‘Old Jack Frost”
Petite Goldendoodles

Dena reserved Blitz
Caprice reserved Buddy
Frosty is reserved for Joe
Jay Jay is reserved for Aida
Gizmo is reserved for Carla
Elvis is reserved for Laura 
Bingo is reserved for Lauren

Born 10/21/2020
Cockapoo F1B mom Scarlet 18lbs
Mini Goldendoodle Dad Jasper 22 lbs
Ready goal 12/18/2020 based on Vet report

***pick up or delivery must be 12/19. Please do not ask for delay pick up or Christmas Pick up.

The Petite Goldendoodle is just a little smaller than a Mini Goldendoddle. The size is predicted from the parents weight and past generations . Some will be 18-20 lbs , some will be 25-30. Either way they will be beautiful babies . To get the size smaller and keep a proper proportion, a 3rd breed must be included . For this litter a F1B Cockapoo mom was bred to a F1B Mini Goldendoodle dad.
Plan on happy , joyful natures . They tend to be a little higher energy . Best for older kids or companion pets . They will enjoy short walks . Do not plan on getting a running buddy with a petite.


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