🏔📺 All reserved ~ The Walton’s …F1b Standard Goldendoodles! Parents are Spara & Frosty


*$300 due now , $2200 due when you meet the pup at 8 weeks old

The Waltons all about Family
F1b Standard Goldendoodle Puppies
Born 8/14/2020
Ready “goal” 10/10/20
F1 Mom Goldendoodle Spara 55
St Poodle Dad Frosty 60 lbs

Goldendoodles are a very good candidate as a family companion.
Due to their bright, loving temperament and outgoing personality, they are excellent companions for people with disabilities.
They are cheerful, trustworthy, loving, gentle, smart, and highly trainable.
This breed does not have a strong prey drive and can be surprisingly friendly towards cats and smaller dogs when introduced.

Andrea reserved Cora
Christie reserved Flossie
Richelle reserved J Walton
Irene reserved Jason
Iveth reserved Jim Bob
Jacqueline reserved John Boy
Marianne reserved Lizzie
Angela reserved Mary Ellen
Christine reserved Olivia
Madelaine reserved Rose
Warren Reserved Zeb

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